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Regional Behavioral Health Action Organization (RBHAO)

CT Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services Region 3

One of SERAC’s key roles as the RBHAO in region 3 is to maximize resources and improve integration related to mental health and substance use program planning, training, advocacy and resource development.

Some key functions through this initiative include:

  • Assessing the behavioral health needs of children, adolescents and adults across the regions.
  • Developing Regional Strategic Plans to include priority recommendations for prevention, treatment and recovery services.
  • Administering the Local Prevention Council (LPC) grants to municipalities to stimulate the development and implementation of prevention activities.
  • Building the capacity of local communities to understand and address problem gambling.
  • Raising awareness and providing advocacy to the general public related to mental health promotion and substance use prevention, treatment and recovery.
  • Leveraging funds to support prevention, treatment and recovery activities across each region.
  • Maintaining the statutory requirements for meetings and membership for the organization.
  • Serving on local, regional and statewide advisory and planning bodies.
  • Providing naloxone (Narcan) training and kit distribution to communities.