SERAC engages and unites the individuals and communities of eastern CT around issues related to addictions and mental well-being across the behavioral health continuum through needs assessments, capacity building, and advocacy.

We envision a future for our region where:

  • There is less substance abuse and problem gambling and a greater degree of mental well-being among residents.
  • There is greater recognition of the importance, value, and impact of prevention. 
  • Individuals with addiction and/or mental health needs are engaged, supported, and empowered to work on their own behalf and feel included by their communities.
  • Communities are empowered and responsive to their own mental health, substance abuse, and problem gambling needs.
  • Communities are aligned and acting in collaboration across sectors, with data, and through responsive and evidence-based programs, activities, and services around prevention and promoting optimal mental well-being.

We envision a future for our organization where:

  • We empower people to act and to live their best lives.
  • We are a center of support for empowerment, collaboration, and capacity building at the local community level.
  • We are recognized as a local, regional, and statewide resource in evidence-based programs, research, and evaluation.
  • We have built a collaborative network to support prevention of substance abuse, problem gambling and other risky behaviors and promotion of mental wellness across the region.
  • We are viewed as responsive community partners with expertise in our field.
  • We are a diversified organization in terms of our work and our funding.

Our Values

  • Integrity: We are committed to operating with honesty and maintaining ethical standards.
  • Excellence: We aim to be credible, reliable, and trusted in providing our expertise, data, and evidence-based practices to communities to support their activation.
  • Collaborative: We strive to build trusting, supportive relationships with individuals, communities, and community partners based on mutual respect and mutual concern for the well-being of all.
  • Innovative: We are future focused and create new knowledge and information to help communities meet both current and emerging needs.

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