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National Prevention Week

SAMHSA National Prevention Week

National Prevention Week is a public education platform showcasing the work of communities and organizations across the country that are preventing substance use and misuse and promoting positive mental health.

SERAC National Prevention Week

Monday May 13 - Opioid & Overdose Awareness

SERAC will be providing free Narcan at select locations

Tuesday May 14 - Cannabis & Vaping

Join us for a Vaping/Cannabis: 21 for a Reason presentation. SERAC has additionally partnered with local LPC's to distribute vaping prevention bags as well as cannabis prevention bags to educate the public and provide free resources to ensure youth are protected.

Wednesday May 15 - Mental Health

Join SERAC for a presentation by Sara Wilkinson, a suicide loss survivor dedicated to using her story to change the narrative and number to the veteran suicide epidemic.

Thursday May 16 - Alcohol Prevention

Prevent misuse of alcohol, drunk-driving, and underage drinking. SERAC has partnered with local LPC's and towns in the Northeast to support safe consumption and provide resources and educational materials to local providers.

Friday May 17 - Virtual Prevention Conference

Join us for our virtual Annual Prevention conference. Our conference will discuss the impact of loneliness on communities and individuals, safe messaging approaches for those connecting with potentially suicidal individuals, the changing world of gambling and gaming, current trends for alcohol and other substances in our region, and a presentation by local providers.

SERAC knows that National Prevention Week is a Celebration of Possibility and we hope that you will join us! #MyPreventionStory

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