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Diversity Training Series: Navigating Racial Disparities


Navigating Racial Disparities

This session discusses the past, current, and future lenses of disparities caused by race. We review historical roots of mistrust and racial trauma with the goal of educating the listener about investigating their own implicit bias within their role as providers. We will end with strategic ways to reduce preferential treatment and ways to challenge our own prejudice (because we all have them!).


Dr. Nia Irene Toomer-Mensah’s areas of interest include Diversity, Education and Inclusion, 
neuroplasticity, and utilizing outcome measures for the brain-injured population. Dr. Mensah 
received her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from the University of Southern California and 
earned her Bachelor of Science degree at Vanderbilt University.

Dr. Mensah’s most celebrated achievements include serving the local and global community 
via international medical outreach to underserved communities in Ghana, Dominican 
Republic, Trinidad, and South Africa. Her most recent work within the American Academy of 
Pediatric PT DEI committee has led to the development of presentations, and educational content for practitioners and stakeholders alike to investigate their own implicit bias to help address racial, economic, and marginalized community health disparities.


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