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Diversity Training Series: Cultural Competency


Cultural Competency

This training will focus on building one's cultural competency to enhance policy and practice managers' experiences in the workplace. Learners will engage in an in-depth conversation about culture, equity, and inclusion. We will spotlight levels of cultural understanding and expand on one's identified definition of culture. Responding to cultural insensitivity and workplace harassment is not always clear cut, Assessing one's cultural competency, and alignment with mission, vision, and values will build strength and clarity. This course offers active steps to inclusion, identifying, and avoiding workplace harassment while raising one's own confidence to do "this" work.


Dr. Sonia Mangla is a behavioral and Human Resource Professional with experience in an array of HR competencies including soft skills, emotional intelligence, and cultural intelligence. She has earned a master's degree in Psychology, a Ph.D. in Human Resource Management, and is also a certified ESCI - Hay group facilitator and SHRM-CP professional. Dr Mangla teaches HRM at Wilmington University. Leveraging her experience, the interactive workshops are instrumental to enhancing employee engagement, collaboration and strengthening client relationships. The ripple effect can be seen in enhanced employee performance, productivity, and profit margins. These quintessential skills to master the competencies in action will help clients excel in their personal and professional lives and create learning organizations with competitive edge.


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