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Connecticut has established 21 as the legal minimum age for drinking alcohol, purchasing tobacco products, cannabis use, and casino gambling. The 21 for a Reason Blog provides information about the risks of these activities for underage youth and discusses why the minimum age is 21 for a Reason.

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Cannabis Use in Teens

If you’re the parent of a teenager, you likely have plenty of things to worry about—should your child using cannabis be one of them? It’s true that cannabis use is very common among today’s teens, but unfortunately, that doesn’t make it harmless.

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Posted 6/1/2022

Underage Drinking and the Brain

Their first job, first car, first date—the teenage years are a time of growing independence and responsibility. But despite their newfound maturity, your child’s physiological development is still underway, with the brain continuing to develop until around age 25.

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Posted 3/3/2022