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Weeding Out The Truth

There’s a lot of misconceptions out there about substance use—and it’s time to separate truth from myth. We created the “Weeding Out the Truth” campaign to help adolescents and their parents get the facts about alcohol, marijuana, and tobacco use. Dive in to learn about today’s social norms, test your own knowledge, and find available resources.

Truths and Myths

Test Your Knowledge

How much do you know about drug and alcohol use among youth in eastern Connecticut? Put your awareness to the test with this 4-question quiz.

1. According to SERAC’s recent youth survey, youth reported that the most important strategy to prevent underage drinking is what?

2. Youth in eastern Connecticut reported their number 1 location to use alcohol is where?

3. After “from friends,” the second most common source for youth to get alcohol is from where?

4. Youth in eastern Connecticut reported that they have been intentionally high on drugs while at school what percentage of the time?

Correct answer:

Truth or Myth?

When it comes to substance use and prevention strategies, telling fact from fiction can be tricky. Determine whether each statement below is true based on SERAC’s most recent survey of youth in eastern Connecticut.

  • Youth in eastern CT reported that the number 1 location they use alcohol is on the street, in the woods, or in parks or fields.


    According to SERAC’s most recent youth survey, the number 1 place youth reported using alcohol is at the homes of others.

  • Most of the youth surveyed reported that there is risk to using electronic cigarettes.


    According to SERAC’s most recent youth survey, 34% of students believe there is moderate risk, and 28% believe it is a great risk to use electronic cigarettes.

  • Increasing the price of alcohol is reported as the least effective strategy to prevent underage drinking in eastern CT.


    Youth reported that the two least effective prevention strategies are ads showing problems, and higher alcohol prices.


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